Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Camera recommendations?

Hi dear blogger friends!
I need help. I need to get a new camera and I want to know what you girls use to take your blog photos? & also what camera you girls recommend? (Brand, amount of mega pixels, etc.) I am looking for an affordable one, so I'm not looking into those expensive professional SLR cameras. I was thinking about the Nikon coolpix S3000 with 12 mp since it is around my price range. What do you girls think?


InsideOut Elle said...

I can tell you that I DO NOT recommend the Canon PowerShot A590 (it's an oldie anyway xD). The macro function is so bad :(... The Nikon looks really nice, the orange and lime look sexyyy ;)

MSodapop said...

@InsideOut Elle Thanks Elle! Is that the camera you're using right now?

juuuunn said...

nice blog and lovely header ^__^

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