Sunday, October 3, 2010

Circle lens & ebay eyeliner gel

Hey girls! Well, today I got my circle lenses in max pure pink & my ebay eyeliner gel in the mail! Yay! The contact lenses look really nice on my dark brown eyes. & it came with a cute animal lens case, card with a written note, and a cute gift box. You girls can get these contact lenses at As for the eyeliner gel, I would say it's pretty good, but for you girls with oily skin, beware! It does smudge. If you girls need tips on how to decrease/prevent eyeliner smudging, you can see tips here:


DollFace said...

Aw the lens case is so cute lol
I bought the Super Angel Brown lenses & I loveee them because of how natural looking they were.

I've seen pictures of your max pure pink ones, even though they're pink they seem to look pretty natural also, are they?

MSodapop said...

Yeah, they do look pretty natural. You can't tell that it's pink contacts. I love them. :D

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