Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday, Japanese festival, & smoothing facial mask

How were your Black Friday experiences? Did you ladies get what you wanted? I actually did not get anything from Black Friday. I couldn't find anything I wanted. Here is a photo I took of Macy's during black Friday! Women go crazy during this day! Haha!
So we had our annual Japanese festival here yesterday & it was fun. ^_^ I missed last year because I was working.
 So I was really hungry & I only remembered to take a picture after I bit my last sushi. :P 
 Tuna sashimi cutting demonstration
 Four Seasons Granita was delicious & refreshing! For my nails, I used Milani nail polish & one of CoverGirl's glitter nail polishes right on top. Milani is my current favorite nail polish brand ^_^
 The shrine
 So after Black Friday & the Japanese festival, I wanted to give my face some goodness from being out all day. Here I used an Aloe & Milk smoothing facial mask
 How cute is this? It looks like a glass bottle of milk & look at the baby ^_^
 Here it is, I had to be very gentle because it was so delicate.

Overall, it was very refreshing & relaxing ^_^ Good after a long day. It only cost $1.99
What are your favorite facial masks? Let me know so I can try them ^_^


Mei said...

Everyone is talking about Black Friday! They should organize that in Holland aswell...
Aww poor fishy, being butcherd in front of those people :P
Anyway thanks for visiting!

anamika said...

I liked your facial mask:)

first time on your blog

liked it

please check out mine too

Anonymous said...

Thanks for chekcing out my blog..

i forgot to follow u :)

following u now:)

InsideOut Elle said...

sushi!! yumm~ I was safely in my room for Black Friday eheh~ but I shopped like crazy >< omg...

la mì said...

amazing post!
hi!my name's martina and I come from Italy...I would like you visit my blog and if you want, follow me!I wait you and your tips!
kiss kiss^^

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