Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Package from a friend

So I finally recieved my package from my good friend from Japan. Here are photos.

A dress sweater. Great match with tights.
Aeropostale shirt
Look at the details

Cute Jersey shirt, can be worn as fall off the shoulder top.
Charm bracelet. So beautiful!
Green tea chocolate. Yummy!


my beautiful life* said...

the charm bracelet is so cute !

Alexandra said...

Lovely package! Congrats! ^.^

Amaka* said...

LOOOVE the charm bracelet! Was actually at the mall and I saw a bracelet a little like this one that I likedbut passed on it. Im gonna go back now and buy it=]

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Micky said...

nice bracelets!)

InsideOut Elle said...

I love melty melts ^^ i've tried hazelnut, strawberry, & chocolate so far - Is that one mint? looks yummy?

delicacies said...

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Sasmita said...

The first top is nice, something I can wear daily!
Following you dear :)

AndreConny said...

nice blog :)

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