Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cute video, art show, & green tea!

Insideoutelle posted a squirrel video on her blog & it reminded me of this video. I just want to share this video with you all because I really liked it & I know you will too. ^_^

I also went to an art show 3 nights ago & took some photos with my lame cellphone camera. Looking at art really makes me feel inspired. 

I've also been loving green tea everything lately!
 Green tea frappe!
That's my best friend's body. Haha!
Green tea yogurt from Yogurt Land!
I love to add:
  • Mochi
  • Cookie dough
  • Cheesecake pieces
  • Graham cracker crusts
  • Brownie bits
 Green tea cake!
Do you lovelies like green tea flavor?

I want to end this post with this saying that I love:


a, said...

yum, mochi! i made mochi recently at home. and green tea yogurt i must try. i love green tea ice cream, i can never have enough.

JC! :) said...

This is a very deep and inspirational post. I love all of the art and of course the food photos because I'm a fattie. ;) I also love to add cheesecake and mochi pieces to my yogurt.

Also, I just wanted to drop by and say THANK YOU for your continued kindness and support. It means a lot to me, it really does. Also, thank you for actually entering/promoting my giveaway. You rock!

♥ Liz W ♥ said...

greentea yogurt!?!?!?
gosh, it seems soooo delicious >_<!

Chococcuro said...

omg I want a Yogurt Land where I live!! This looks so delicious and I'm so hungry right now!! >.<

Tam said...

The typography about art is too true. I have never seen life as art but thinking about the things I do on a daily basis like decorating and choosing outfits is pretty artsy haha. Also, we have something in common: green tea! haha

Thanks for following :)

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