Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunshine Award

Holiday did this tag & tagged all of us. 
 So thank you Holiday! ^_^

*Thank the person who gave you this award
*Write a post about it
*Pass it on to 10 bloggers you think really deserve it and send them a message to let them know.

1) Favourite colour- Light pink
2) Favourite Animal - Pandas
3) Favourite number - 16
4) what perfume am i using right now - None
5) Something you always wear with you and identifies you- My heart locket necklace from my boyfriend
6) What's your passion? -Makeup & Beauty blogs
7) Getting or giving presents? - Giving
8) What was the last eyeshadow you used? - Coastal Scents
9) Favourite day of the week - Saturday
10) Are your nails painted right now? No, because I have super glue stuck on my hands right now. >_<

It's hard to choose only 10, so I tag all of you <3


Jessy said...

lol i luv pandas too~~~
and you have to get inpassioned~~~its such a pretty colour~~~


JC ♔ said...

Congrats! <3 I also love pink and am known to wear a heart shaped diamond necklace my husband gave to me as well.

KatXoXo said...

congrats hun!! you deserve it!!

InsideOut Elle said...

what super glue O_O!? r u ok?

eheh I love pandas too - they're so cute tho they are ultimately as cuddly as grizzly bears -_-

MSodapop said...

@InsideOut Elle Yes, I'm okay. It's a different kind of super glue that I've never used before & I accidentally spilled it. >_< Thanks for asking <3

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