Friday, July 8, 2011

O.O.T.D.- Maybelline & Stylish Blogger Award


Purple blouse
$29 -

Julianne Maria shorts
$64 -

Nicholas Kirkwood platform boots
$324 -

Plum Color Sensational Lipcolor

I'd like to thank Mimi for being so sweet & giving me this award. <3

 The Rules
1. Link back to the person who gave it to you.
2. List 7 things about yourself that you haven't mentioned before
3. Tag 7 people and let them know you done so!
7 things about myself
  1. I eat sweets everyday. (I know I know, I have a major sweet tooth. >_<)
  2. I want to have Bumblebee from Transformers as my car. (If only he was real. ^_^)
  3. I used to be addicted to Korean Drama. I'd lock myself in my room watching a whole series.
  4. I used to be addicted to Neopets too.
  5. I had my senior prom dress made. Here's the photo of the dress that I asked them to make (It's the blue one, but minus the sparkly bling.)
    Photo from
  6. Last year, I took a break from my university to go to pharmacy tech school.
  7. I have a big gummy bear that I've had for about a year. It was from my bf so I chose not to eat it. I just keep it in my room for decoration.
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Eileen said...

Congrats on the award! I'm not into muscle cars, but I admit that Bumblebee would make an AWESOME car to have! How was pharm tech school? I'm tryna study for the pharm tech license on my own. Hopefully I can get my license before this summer is over!

MSodapop said...

@Eileen It was good. It was just a little difficult having so much drugs to learn. There are so many out there. Overall, it's a good thing to do. Good luck on that! ^__^

Yami said...

Congrats! Haha, I have a friend who is soooo addicted to Korean dramas. She would do exactly the same thing!

cryskay said...

congrats on the award! great maybelline look. xx

Chloe Mia said...

I love that outfit especially the shoes and congrats on your award :)

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