Friday, August 12, 2011


Products used:
1. I applied E.L.F. eyelid primer all over my lids.
2. I applied NYX Jumbo eye pencil in milk all over my lids. (From Michelle @ All Things Girly. Thank you Michelle!)
3. I applied eyeshadow #1 on the inner half of my lids.
4. I applied eyeshadow #2 on the outer half of my lids in a "V" shape.
5. I applied eyeshadow #3 on the center of my lids between eyeshadow #1 & #2. 
5. I also blended a little of eyeshadow #1 over #2 on the outer "V" of my lids to lighten up the color.

I also made a facebook page.


Michelle @ Allthingsgirly said...

Looks super cute. Like the pink :)

BreezeyBee said...

i would have loved to see your whole face x

BreezeyBee Blog

Eileen said...

This is cutee! I kind of want to pick up that palette for all the colors, but I'm not sure about the quality?

Anonymous said...

I like ! such an eye candy!

MSodapop said...

Oh, I'll be doing a review soon <3

Chloe Nghiem said...

nice shades :) good pick!

Ai said...

Yum yum, the picture reminds me of cotton candy for some reason! Although there was no blue involved... hehe

New follower here~ Would be delighted if you can come by my blog!

Lovelain94 said...

This looks gorgeous! I really want a coastal scents palette! xxx

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