Tuesday, October 11, 2011

E.L.F. Nail Polish in Desert Haze (New Formula!)

Don't focus on the nail polish pictures on e.l.f.'s website because their swatches are deceiving.
On their website, the color leans more towards a gray color but in person it's more of a taupe color.
I wasn't disappointed because I always look up swatches for nail polishes that I plan to purchase.
Here's the images from e.l.f.'s website to show you what I'm talking about.
 The new formula is so much better than their old one!
If you have small fingernails like my little sister, you can get away with one coat.
I think 2 coats is perfect.
The consistency is great! It goes on smooth.
I honestly prefer the formula of this over all the other brands of nail polishes I have.


Beti said...

beautiful color!

Charlotte Elizabeth said...

I am loving this colour :)

Fakhra's said...

nice color :)

laura said...

oooh, new formula? I already liked their old formula a lot, so I must try this!
♥ laura

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Eileen said...

Aww the online swatch looks so pretty! This definitely leans taupe. It's a nice neutral color though =]

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