Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My favorite body mists: Dove & Degree

Left to right: Degree Classic Romance, Degree Sexy Intrigue, Dove Energizing, Dove Refreshing

Degree Classic Romance: A sophisticated fragrance with essences of rose and peony & refreshing undertones of citrus and bergamot. 

Degree Sexy Intrigue: A seductive fragrance with a touch of jazmin, rose, and subtle hints of vanilla.

Dove Energizing: A scent of grapefruit and lemongrass that acts as a little wake-up call for your skin. It has a hint of Dove moisturizer.

Dove Refreshing: A clean scent of waterliliy and freshmint that also has a hint of Dove moisturizer.

I recommend you ladies try all of these. They all smell so good and I've gone through so many bottles of these in the past year. 


CAMILLA said...

i never try any of those body mist product..
i will definitely give it a try soon

FlirtingwithFashion said...

the body mists are looking very nice *_* wish they had those also here...


Zara said...

I haven't seen these anywhere, but definitely gonna try them if I do! :)


Mai said...

Never seen these product before, (: seems interesting although the packaging reminds me of then scent sprays...-0-!

CMPang x

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