Sunday, January 8, 2012

Review: NYX lip cream in Tokyo & blush in Peach

NYX blush in Peach 
I just swirled my brush in the blush before I took this photo. 
The blush doesn't have any shimmer or sheen to it. Those random specks are from eye shadows that I swatched earlier. I would say the color is more of a pink shade rather than peach, despite the name. I have oily skin and I noticed it faded a bit after 6 hours of wear but I still had a nice flush of color. 

NYX soft matte lip cream in Tokyo
It has a doe foot applicator & to me, this lip cream smells like strawberry milk candy.

  Eeek! As you can see, this lip cream accentuates the lines on my lips. I love this color so much but it is so drying!

Do you ladies know a lipstick or tinted lip balm in a shade similar to this one? If you do, please let me know because I've been searching for one for a long time now.


alison*elle said...

That's so disappointing about the lip cream; I've been looking for a colour like that for so long!

xo, alison*elle

L e n a said...

it's a shame the lip cream is drying. the color is so pretty, though!
i don't know for sure but maybe there is similar color in their mega shine range? :)

InsideOut Elle said... sucks that matte colors tend to be so drying :( I have a few of the soft matte lip creams tho and you're right, I love the colors ^^

Erica J said...

omg soda pop i am in love with that blush! I have the exact same taste in colors as you- any blush or lip product pale pink, hand it over! and now I need that blush! I actually have tokyo and it is my absolute favorite color for lips that it made my top 10 on my blog and it is really easy to get past the cracked/dry lips with some lipstick over it. what I think works best is maybelline's born with it. I have tried others and I feel like that lipstick over top really doesn't change the nyx color by much as they are very similar. Have you tried prim rose from revlon? you would love it!

Belle said...

Love the blush, though the name can be a lil bit confusing.. that's not a peach.. as you've said more of a pink. Nice review! Keep it up!

The Sneakerette said...

that blush looks super cute on you! i wonder if it'd show up on darker skintones? since it appears quite light, even on your light skin! have you tried revlon pink pout btw? it's also a matte, light baby pink color. i really like the formula, it's not overly drying for a matte lipstick (in my experience)!

Tezza said...

i have this blush too yay! it was my first blush from nyx too :)

Nivedita said...

NYX blushes are always such a treat!!
I guess Tokyo is an unsung hero for valid reasons like this one. :P
But the shade looks amazing!!

Anonymous said...

to bad it makes the lines visible....
but great shade!!

missdanbee said...

so sorry that the lip cream didn't work out so well :( hopefully you'll find a similar shade soon!

Hunter87 said...

Very pretty blush!

Nancy said...

I love the Peach blush, it is something I use very often during spring/summer.
The Tokyo matte lip color also accentuates my dry lips if I don't exfoliate before.

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