Sunday, April 22, 2012

Review: Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes in Fresh Pink, Candy Coral, & Hot Tamale

So, I've been hearing about these blushes and how they don't have much pigmentation. Because of all those reviews, I hesitated to get these. But in the end, I still really wanted them because they looked so pretty and unique. 
I have three shades: Fresh Pink (lightest shade,) Candy Coral, and Hot Tamale (darkest shade.)
When I swatched them with my fingers, they seemed pretty pigmented.
Here they are swatched onto my skin. I really like how they turned out, especially Hot Tamale. I'm glad that Hot Tamale is a little more subtle when swatched on my skin, so it's more wearable. They all show up on my skin since I'm pretty light-skinned. I do, however, have to sweep the light shades on my skin a few times to show up, which I don't mind at all. Also, they blend out easily.
The blushes feel a little like cream blushes but more satin-like and they don't pick up well with brushes. So your fingers are the way to go when using these blushes. Also as you can see, when touched, the blushes get dented when pressed on. They're kind of like clay. I was having way too much fun touching them.
Overall, despite the negative reviews that I've seen, I personally like these blushes. They're something different and fun. I don't have any blushes like these in my collection so they're a nice addition. I have no trouble with the pigmentation since my skin is a little pale. They just give my cheeks a nice touch of color and they're easy to blend out. I plan on picking up some of their other shades when I get the chance.

Hope you ladies enjoyed reading my review.
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The Sneakerette said...

i personally love these too! i think it's a good thing that they aren't super pigmented, because it's so easy to go overboard with blushes. and with cream blushes, it's a lot easier to apply too much and then not be able to take it off! i got plum pink and it's a bit too cool for my skin tone so i want to get another one (:

Popcorn said...

these colors look soo cute and barbie like. haha the spongy-ness looks so fun though. Thxs for the swatchess

Rakhshanda said...

all three shades are pretty, great review!!

kuheli said...

liked the coral shade.. :)

CAMILLA said...

i love all those shades...
i envy maybelline USA
maybelline here in Asia doesn't have all maybelline USA products..
instead we have different line...
and i dont like it

Isabel said...

Cute! Yeah.. I guess 'fun to apply' would enhance a products sell factor lol

KatXoXo said...

great post!! I just got a bouncy blush and was wondering if I should use a brush on it!!

DonnaHsueh said...

Thanks for the review! I've been hesitating on getting these blushes as well but after reading your review, I think I might just go pick up some! :)

Rinny said...

The texture of these looks pretty cool :D I really like the coral color!

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