Monday, January 7, 2013

Sephora Haul

Hi everyone! I'm back home from California! Of course, I did some shopping and I felt like a kid in a candy store when I was in Sephora! Here's some stuff I got; I can't wait to use them, but as a beauty blogger, of course we do not like to touch our makeup until we take photos of them for our blog. Haha!
After reading all the reviews and seeing a bunch of swatches, I decided to get this over the original Naked palette since I prefer lighter shades. Maybe I'll get the original Naked palette sometime in the future.
 Out of all the Too Faced palettes, this was the one on wishlist for the longest time.
I have really oily eye lids and since watching Ingrid, I remember her having the same problem. She recommended this primer in one of her videos since it worked the best for her compared to the other eye shadow primers she's tried.
I swatched this and oh my, how smooth and pigmented! I wanted another shade as well but they ran out of it. This one's in Nymph.
Nars Sex Appeal blush was on my wishlist since I saw Makeupbyelli's video on her favorite blushes.
 I got the Milk Chocolate version which is lighter than the original.
I've wanted a Tarte blush for the longest time now and since I wanted a shade that I don't have in my collection, I chose Exposed. I heard a lot of great reviews on this shade so I hope it lives up to the hype.
 Love, Chris 


Sheri said...

The blushes look lovely :) Wish we had Sephora here!

Lipstick said...

Loving the items you bought xx especially the nars and tarte I soo wish we had sephora in the uk xx I'm having a nars giveaway which is open internationally xx you should heck it out if ou love nars goodies x x x x

CJ said...

I LOVE your purchases! Especially the Too Faced bronzer and Illamasqua blush.

Janet said...

lovely hauls the Too-faced bronzer looks super nice! been searching for a bronzer that looks quite natural ^_~

Francivusk said...

I got the Naked 2 palette recently too.. best palette ever :)

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Dazzlin Sana said...

This is one awesome haul! xD Can't wait for you to review them all. I have never tried any of these things yet. Naked 2 is on my wishlist for the longest of times.

Lucy❀ said...

OMG I love the Naked and the Romantic Eye palettes they're at the top of my eye shadow want list.

Sex Appeal looks like a nice blush for everyday looks.

Tell me how the Chocolate Soleil works out for you :) I've been looking for a good bronzer. It has real cocoa that's so cool! I wonder if it's edible o_o

The Sneakerette said...

awesome haul! you picked up some really good stuff--enjoy!

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